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Tbilisi - The Capital of Georgia


- The house of the queen Daria and "Peristsvaleba" church (18th century) 

 - Metekhi church (13th century) and the statue of the king Vakhtang Gorgasali 



- The dwelling houses of late 18th century and the dome of Sioni church (6-17th cc)  

- Metekhi church (13th century) and Tbilisi fortress (view from the balcony of queen Darejan's house)



- "Sameba" church (Trinity, 18-19th cc)   

- Rustaveli avenue, "Kashveti" church (beginning of  the 20th century, copy of the 11th century church in Samtavisi) 



- Rustaveli avenue, Tbilisi-Mariot hotel (built in the beginning of  the 20th century)  

- Rustaveli avenue, the house of  Rustaveli drama theatre (19th century)




  - River "Mtkvari" (Kura), the dwelling houses of the 18th century and Metekhi church (13th cc)

-  19th century dwelling house  on Republic square 



  - "Abanotubani" , the dwelling houses of the 18th century, the bath of Georgian Prince Orbeliani and the mosque (begining of 19th century)

- "Anchiskhati" church  (6th century) and Tbilisi aerial




  - Rustaveli avenue, the house of parliaments  (built in soviet times)

 "Abanotubani" , the dwelling houses of the 18th century and Tbilisi fortress "Narikala" (4-18th centuries)



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