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  - Gates of "Svetitskhoveli" fortified wall in Mtskheta (5-11th century) 




- "Gelaty" monastery and the house of academy (12th century), Imereti region, close to the city Kutaisi * (view from helicopter)




- "Ananuri" fortress and monastery (16-17th centuries), Mtsketa-Tianeti region *



- "Svetitskhoveli" church in Mtskheta (11th century) 



- "Svetitskhoveli" church in Mtskheta (11th century) 



- "Jvari" (the cross) church in Mtskheta (6th century) 



- "Jvari" church in Mtskheta (6th century)  *



- "Davit-Gareja" monastery (6-18th centuries), Kakheti region




- "Dmanisi" church (6-13th centuries), Dmanisi district, Kvemo Kartli region 




- "Shiomgvime" monastery in Kartli region (6-7th centuries) 

- "Ninotsminda" belfry in Kakheti region (16th century) 




- "Kvatakhevi" monastery in Shida Kartli region (12th century) 

- "Skhvilo" fortress in Shida Kartli region (13-17th centuries) 



- Church in town Kazbegi (18th century) 



- "Sno" village and medieval tower, Kazbegi district (view from helicopter)



- The church in village "Sioni", Kazbegi district (9th century) 



- Mt. Mkinvartsveri (K azbegi) 5034 alt.,  and "Gergeti" church (14th century), view from town Kazbegi



- "Shatili" dwelling  medieval fortress, Khevsureti



All photos by the author (except those marked with * )


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